Have a Star Trek wedding to show off your passion for Klingons, Vulcans, and more!

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Wedding GuideEdit

Step 1Edit

Purchase or make your own Star Trek attire for the bride and groom. The bride should wear a uniform dress. Design a veil and train using lace and sequins for a sparkling, celestial look. The groom should dress in a captain’s uniform or in a uniform that matches his profession. Have the groom wear a command uniform if he works in management, or a science uniform if he works in medicine or a scientific study.

Step 2Edit

Make or buy Star Trek uniforms for the wedding party and officiate. The officiate should wear either an admiral’s uniform or a captain’s uniform. Consider having groomsmen and bridesmaids dress as Star Trek aliens such as Vulcans, Klingons or Orions. Dress the ring bearer and flower girl as ensigns.

Step 3Edit

Create a music album with Star Trek theme songs suitable for a wedding. Use the theme from The Original Series as the wedding march. Present the newlyweds to the music from “Star Trek: Generations.” Have the first dance to the theme from Enterprise. Use music samples from the shows as the preceremony entertainment. Play some of Uhura‘s, Spock’s or even Picard’s greatest hits.

Step 4Edit

Decorate the wedding cake as one of the many ships seen in Star Trek. Choose from the many incarnations of the Enterprise, Voyager, a Bird of Prey or Borg cube.

Step 5Edit

Drink the ceremonial champagne from Klingon blood wine cups. Or, add blue food coloring to the champagne and serve it as Romulan Ale.

Step 6Edit

Consider eloping to Las Vegas. Take advantage of the Star Trek themed weddings offered.

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