When decorating for your summer wedding, it's ideal to use decor to your advantage, using fruits, colors and flowers that go well with summer.

  • Flowers- Roses are always great for weddings, but for a summer wedding, you can play around with dyed roses in interesting colors, like aqua or coral. A bouquet of mixed-color roses works well with a summer wedding. In addition, tropical flowers are fantastic for summer weddings, especially in bright colors. Stay away from traditional winter or fall flowers in earthier or darker colors.
  • Fruit- Summer is known for being a fruitful season, no pun intended, so consider using fruit as decor. Pineapples, lemons, strawberries, even dragon fruits and other tropical fruits work well in a summer wedding. Consider juxtaposing your summer fruits with summer flowers.
  • Fans- Fans are also a great piece of decor for summer weddings. Everyone is hot in the summer, and having fans dangling can be simply pretty, as well as fans for the ladies to use, in your summer wedding colors.
  • Beach motifs- If you are using beach or nautical motifs for your summer wedding, you can use glittered fishnet designs, starfish, shells, and pebbles to create the look. This works very well with a wedding that has aqua, or blue colors.
  • Lanterns- If you are having a nighttime wedding, lanterns can be both beautiful and romantic.


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